Meet Our Community Heroes

Meet Our Community Heroes

If you know someone on the frontline: a doctor, nurse, police officer, firefighter, grocery store employee, janitor, teacher, delivery driver, etc… or even someone who is going above and beyond for their community – we want to hear about them and highlight their story on-air, on our website, and our Facebook page!

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Meet Our Community Heroes

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Rachel Thompson

North St. Paul / nominated by Mark Poradek
Rachel started a food shelf at the end of her driveway and it has continued to grow, with neighbors dropping donations off and Bread Art delivering fresh bread! The items are free to anyone that needs them and include paper and canned goods, hygiene products, games, etc. The day before Easter, Rachel also organized an Easter Bunny drive by. You could drive by and each kid was given a treat. Although Rachel’s nominator doesn’t personally know her, only knows of her from the Facebook Group, North St Paul Friends, she said that she believes Rachel has gone above and beyond for her neighborhood.

Ricky Swenson

South St. Paul / Nominated by Hailey Colbeth
Ricky has been working doubles this past month helping out the U of M, and Regions Hospital as that is where he works! He is super amazing and has to stay away from all family. So I know this might brighten his day a little bit!

Scott Evenson

Rosemount / Nominated by his wife, Karen
Known as “Chef Scott” in the South Metro area, my husband’s passion for making sure hungry people can have nutritious meals and community connection has made all the difference for hundreds of people since January 2020!

When Farmington’s only grocery store closed in December, the Loaves and Fishes organization in Minnesota called and suggested we work with them to provide meals–Scott raised his hand and volunteered right away to say, “I’ll help and will engage volunteers to serve as many meals as are needed.”

His 25+ years of experience as a professional chef and in ministry prior to being disabled due to being hit by a car in 2013 gives him the knowledge and experience to provide for lots of people.

His experience and insight into what it means to be cared for and how to care for others, along with his enormous love for people made it easy for him to quickly transition the indoor community meal from serving 100+ people each week in January and February, to serving 180+ people curbside “to go” FREE meals every Wednesday since March to lots of people in need of meals and groceries during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He has easily engaged dozens of volunteers who he trains and helps to follow Serv-Safe and CDC guidelines while preparing and serving the to-go meals. They all love him, and are amazed at how this man who deals with significant challenges every day, works so hard and so efficiently to provide for others.

I’m so blessed to partner with Scott, my Community Hero, as we are committed to serving “as many people as we can, for as long as we can” in Farmington and the surrounding community!

Becky Trask

Bloomington / Nominated by her mom
“Becky is an ER Nurse at Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park, MN. She deals with Covid-19 patients on every shift now. She maintains a positive yet professional attitude consistently. She sees very bad things but keeps going. She is very focused, intelligent and caring! We can’t see each other right now, for obvious reasons 🙁 but she texts and calls daily to check on us and let us know she ok. She has volunteered for the humane society in her spare time. She has hosted parties for Second Hand Hounds to help find homes. She was in the delivery room with her sister when my second grandchild was born. Which was a great comfort to the mother, my daughter, Tina. Becky even cut the cord. I know she has assisted in the delivery of a few babies at the ER as well and I’m sure they were all grateful she was there. She is amazing at her job! She is an amazing person. I’m proud to call her my daughter and my Hero!!”

Jessica Weber

Prior Lake / Nominated by Christi P.
“She is a nurse working on one of the “safer” floors, but is volunteering to go work at the Covid hospital. Her courage is unbelievable! Please bless her with your encouragement! Thank you so much for what you are doing!”

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