See All The Ways You Can Listen to Love 105!

Listen Live to Love 105

Besides tuning in on your radio, you can now stream Love 105 from all your favorite devices – phone, laptop, smart speaker, tablet, etc…!  Learn how you can listen to “The Music You Love” from each of these devices below 


If you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro listening area, tune your FM radio to either:

105.1 105.3 105.7 or 93.7-HD2

And now – listen to Love 105 in HD Radio – a stronger signal you can get everywhere in the Twin Cities metro. On your HD-capable radio, tune to our sister station at 93.7 and wait a few moments for the HD signal to lock in, then click up one notch on the tuning knob (or your dashboard’s on-screen indicator) to receive 93.7-HD2.

Desktop & Laptop

Stream on an internet browser from your desktop or laptop:

Other Web Players: TuneGenie iHeartRadio

Phone & Tablet

Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo:
Just say, “Alexa, play LOVE One-Oh-Five”

Google Home:
Just say, “Ok Google, play LOVE One-Oh-Five”