Jay Philpott

Jay Philpott

Afternoons: 3pm – 7pm

When did you start at LOVE?
December 28, 2018 – the day LOVE returned to the Twin Cities for good

Favorite concert memory:
So many…ELO was my first…taking Mom to see Billy Joel & Elton John…I’ve been blessed to meet so many of the stars and haven’t been disappointed by them as real people

Random celebrity moment:
I had a nice chat with Kirby Puckett at the airport and he signed my boarding pass which Northwest wasn’t too happy about, but they let me on anyway.

Favorite watering hole past and present:
I liked The Sunshine Factory in New Hope (it’s now Pub 42) and Concourse 7 on West 7th Street in St. Paul. Originally a hangout for airport workers, its owner turned it into the first Chammp’s sports bar and sold the chain a few years later. Presently? I haven’t settled on anything yet…exploring.

Favorite behind-the-scenes radio moment?
It’s always very special when someone calls or writes to say how much they like the station and the stories about particular songs they love that have great meaning. That’s what LOVE 105 is all about!

Got any hobbies?
I like skydiving, but haven’t done it in a while…interested in astronomy, space, stars and want to race drones. I guess I have a thing for flying.

Is there something you feel strongly about? How have you helped give back to the community?
I feel strongly about getting kids ready for the world with strong language skills. You have to be able to read it and write it before you can speak it. I love to do career days at schools and give people a peek behind the radio curtain.